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Learn more about the details of the project through the reports linked below. These reports provide additional content not summarized in our monthly newsletters. 

Goals, Objectives, and Performance Measures

The project team has worked with stakeholders to identify key goals, objectives, and performance measures for the future Bismarck-Mandan transportation network. These goals will support a balanced and effective network that meets local and national performance standards. Read the goals by clicking the icon to the left.

Existing System Performance

We have examined all the transportation systems in Bismarck and Mandan including roadways, bicycle and pedestrian networks, and the transit system. Through this research, we have mapped the systems and documented the policies and plans in place for future development. View the existing system performance report by clicking the icon to the left. 

Arrive 2045 Summit Book

Background information about the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and existing transportation infrastructure in Bismarck and Mandan. The report was used at the October Transportation Summit.


Stay up-to-date with the the project through our routine newsletter! Past issues are linked by month below.

September 2018 Newsletter

Read about the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, existing conditions and issues, and how to get involved in our first issue.

March 2019 Newsletter

Read about the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, the transportation futures summit last fall, and next steps in the project in our second issue.