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What is the Bismarck-Mandan MPO?

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) provides a forum for public officials, citizens, and other interested groups to establish policies and plans for effectively addressing various metropolitan transportation issues. The MPO is comprised of five jurisdictions including: Bismarck, Lincoln, Mandan, and portions of Burleigh and Morton counties. As part of its responsibilities, the MPO must develop and regularly update a Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

What is a Metropolitan Transportation Plan?

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is a 20-year planning horizon vision document that sets forth direction and strategies to help shape a region's transportation network. The MTP addresses multiple modes of travel - including streets and highways, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and freight to set priorities for the future. It evaluates current and future transportation needs for all modes. The MTP guides decision making and prioritizes future funding to fulfill the transportation needs of the area.


The MPO has recently completed the Bicycle and Pedestrian element of the MTP and is currently undergoing the Freight and Transit element. This plan will primarily address streets and highways, but will incorporate and prioritize the needs of all modes.



Why are we doing this project?

There are three main reasons the MPO is undertaking this MTP:

»» It's time to update the plan. The MPO must adopt an MTP every five years or sooner. The 2040 MTP was adopted in 2015. This plan is expected to be adopted before spring 2020.

»» For transportation projects to receive state or federal funding, they must be a part of an adopted MTP. Updating the plan allows the MPO and the Bismarck-Mandan region to revisit its needs and priorities for future transportation investments.

»» The most recent transportation legislation, Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act has new requirements the MPO must adopt.

Who is working on the MTP?

The MPO leads the development of the MTP in partnership with the City of Bismarck, City of Mandan, City of Lincoln, Burleigh County, Morton County, North Dakota Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration.


The MPO has hired a consultant team of KLJ Engineering and Stantec Consulting to complete the update.


The public also has a role in this update process.

Why should I participate?

The MTP identifies mutlimodal improvements across the Bismarck-Mandan region. The public input received throughout the process will directly impact how projects are prioritized. The result of this plan may change the physical environment, policies, and future planning for the entire transportation network.


How do I participate?

There are a variety of ways to participate in the update of the MTP.

»» Visit the project website www.arrive2045.com for updates on the project, public meeting notifications, and online activities.

»» Use your email to sign up for project updates.

»» Attend a public meeting.

»» Submit your own comments and questions in the comment forms available at the link below.